About Us

Who We Are

SBW was created by two friends that literally popped up one day and said “we should start a boutique in honor of our firstborn daughters Brielle & Taylor. Let’s call it ‘She Better Work (SBW) Couture’! After laughing about it and brushing it off the two just couldn’t let go of the idea. They thought, wait, “what if we could really pull this off? Jokingly they began saying this “so better work” using the acronym “SBW”. 
Spending lots of time talking and researching, they landed an opportunity to offer unique fashion pieces & accessories to women. What started as a joke has manifested itself into a full online boutique. 
Welcome to She Better Work Couture & Accessories. Happy Shopping!!!

About Our Items

SBW partners with some of the best companies and vendors to bring you trendy and unique pieces. Our most popular partner is Glamherous Boutique which offers some of the cutest fashion pieces ever. All of our Glamherous items are titled “Glam♥︎Her”. Ordering of these items are done directly from the Glamherous website and follow the shipping guidelines and prices provided by Glamherous Boutique. To shop the entire Glamherous website click here. 
Our Tee-Shirt partner offers the best in quality t-shirts to give you a great feeling when wearing. Production of our Tees are done at the time of order. Production takes 5-7 business days and shipping is 3-5 business days. Tees follow the shipping guidelines and prices provide by our partner. Take a look at all of our Tees here.
Items marked SBW exclusive are products partnered by various companies to bring you great items at a great price. These items are shipped directly from SBW and allows us to offer you our “Free Shipping” exclusive deal.